I bought 1426 Ives Pl SE on 12/08/2010.

This is a photo chronology of the demo and remodeling.

Monday, March 14, 2011

2nd purchase for the house

I couldn't pass these up.  When I slap a glass globe on each to replace the net, they'll look amazing.

Vintage from Etsy.

My designer and design muse both approve.  This isn't (completely) an impulse buy.


  1. Mooses! (Meese?) What room are these planned for?

  2. maybe the powder room. they're kind of big, so if they don't fit well, i may put them in the upstairs den (guest bedroom)

  3. Maybe you should hang these in the whimsy-gone-horribly-wrong room?

    Also, here's an awesome moose joke: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a4CKr1exX70.

  4. Wow, your "designer" and "design muse" approved... but what about your "lighting designer"??? What am I, chopped liver?

    Also, I like.

  5. those are the bomb digity. love.