I bought 1426 Ives Pl SE on 12/08/2010.

This is a photo chronology of the demo and remodeling.

Monday, April 16, 2012

front yard landscaping

kate (the landscape architect), patrick (my amazing neighbor with a truck), and i went to merrifield in va to get a tree and other stuff.  originally, i had wanted a himalayan birch, but it turns out it doesn't like full sun.  so we looked around at magnolias, but none struck my fancy.  we saw yellowwoods and honey locusts, and those are great trees.  i settled on a honey locust that was HUGE but with a manageable root ball.  this is going to be a wonderful tree.

safety is only a 9-5 job...
kate helped me plant the tree

and then i planted 250 vinca plants...

not all of them here.  some went into the tree box at the curb.

after the tree was planted, i went into my room and was startled... i'm not used to having something right out my bedroom window.  it'll be really nice once it grows a bit and gives some shade.


  1. The tree looks wonderful! Think how many generations will benefit from your act of planting.

  2. thanks, car!

    yeah, it's a heartwarming thought.

  3. Love that tree! And glad Kate was there to supervise, otherwise I would have wondered if it was too close to the house. But I think in the pics I'm getting confused on distances. I'll just have to come see for myself, one of these years.

  4. thanks, gin! it's pretty close to the house, but should be ok.

    i would love to have you come visit!

  5. Next time you want ground cover, let me know and I'll pack some up and USPS it to you. Car and I have sent each other plants by mail several times, and the plants seem to survive it!

  6. Good to know for next time!

  7. That’s a great spot for the tree. It’ll give those two windows a little shade from the sunlight. So do you have any plans on planting more trees just like this, or flowers perhaps? I think beautiful bushes of daffodils or perennials would be a lovely accent to the tree and the entire front yard. What do you think?
    Jeremy Beauregard @ Flowers' Gardens & Landscapes