I bought 1426 Ives Pl SE on 12/08/2010.

This is a photo chronology of the demo and remodeling.

Monday, September 26, 2011

i have stairs

When my new contractor came to do an estimate on the work a couple weeks ago, he was very concerned that the stairs hadn't been installed.  He said it is usually indicative that there is an issue with the space.  Yesterday, he fixed the issue.

i gain some space in the upstairs hallway.  notice the new double joists.


  1. So glad you've got someone you can trust now! Did the old contractor ever return your call so you could fire him?

  2. my inspector had to do the firing for me, but i have been in contact with the old contractor. he's actually being quite gracious about the whole thing.

  3. Well - at least a happy ending on that aspect.